Monday, March 29, 2010


Long time no blog.
Let me catch all of my avid followers up on what is going on in this roller coaster of a life that I call mine.

We became proud parents of Clyde. A 6 month, now almost 8 month old puppy. He seriously solidified this family. I really think it was a great decision that we made. And Ian is in love with him, not as much as Steven is though. Steven has his own special language for him, I've learned so much about my husband.
Doesn't get much cuter does it?

We think he is a Shepherd/Beagle mix...but who knows really.
Clyde loves to do things like eat poop and chew up new area rugs. He also loves to snuggle with me in the morning and talk to Steven when he's on his computer. Steven understands, I kid you not.
Here are Steven and Clyde, doing what they do best.

And...the big news! We're pregnant. Oh, yes. It's true. As I currently type this I'm also growing a baby. We were actually pregnant when we got Clyde, just didn't know. Needless to say, we were super surprised. But getting more and more excited.
Ian is stoked and convinced that it's a boy. He asks regularly, "How big is your baby now?". Priceless.
Steven and I went to our first appointment a few weeks ago and talk about emotional! As soon as I saw that baby up there and heard it's heart beat - the heart that she'd/he'd have for the rest of their life, I knew that I was in love. Overwhelming.

So, I've made my list of projects to do on the house so that when my nesting phase kicks in I'm completely prepared. I don't know if Steven is though.

Other going ons -
Steven graduates in May and is trying to find a new job. One that he is happy at and is able to use his degree.
Ian turns 10 this summer, so he's already planning his big birthday bash, and I need some creative ideas.
My desk needs to be cleaned and organized, per usual.

Until next time, and I assure you it won't be 2 months.