Monday, November 23, 2009

Only the beginning...

...Let's hope.
I've said for quite a while now that I would start a blog. I've had the grandiose idea that I would actually have time for it, or that I'd actually keep up with maintaining a blog. I'm a great starter...but not so great at ...

The point to this blog is for me to chronicle my daily adventures, or lack there of sometimes, which is just as welcome. I'll post things that I think are pretty and things I want to eat or make. I'll post things that I love to read and want to share.

I chose "Wingin' It" for the name of my blog for one reason - that's what I'm doing everyday. My world has totally been rocked by a 9 year old and his lovely father. I said "I do" on October 16, 2009 to my new husband and that also means that I'm a full time step mom to an amazing 9 year old that I try to reason with to no avail.

I plan to have this as my sounding board, my therapy, my escape, and a place for me to celebrate and brag.

So, just a over a month after the wedding...after our romantic Italian honeymoon...and after I've had a chance to catch my breath and have a breakdown or two, I'm starting.

I'd be obliged if you read.


(oh and props to miss leigh germy. my dear friend to took beautiful photos of our sweet day. visit her at

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